Science and technology come to life at the CART Summer Academy

Join us this summer for 1 week (June 11 to June 15, 2018) from 8 am to 11:30 am. Your child will have a fun and educational experience in this hands-on, interactive summer program designed especially for incoming 4-7th graders.





Available Labs

Builders’ Workshop FULL
This class is perfect for those who love to tinker, to build, to take things apart and to put them back together. Students will have an opportunity to be creative, explore design elements, and build toys, models, trinkets and more.

CSI Forensics FULL
Discover the world of the forensic scientist as you explore the world of evidence and crime scenes. Students will work with various types of evidence, such as footprints, fingerprints and DNA analysis as they figure out “who done it!”

CyberPatriot FULL
Students will engage in fun and interactive activities aimed at increasing their awareness of online safety and cybersecurity principles.  Students will learn elementary coding that will help them learn to collaborate with others, develop problem-solving skills, persist through difficult tasks, and develop interactive stories they can share with others.  Be a CyberPatriot!

Game Design FULL
Students will learn how to use game development software and tools to design and build a two-dimensional computer game. They will learn the basics of game programming, graphics, animation and sound. Software: Game Maker.

Mini-Med School FULL
Have you ever wondered how your heart pumps, eyes see, or lungs breathe? Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore the inner workings of the human body. This hands-on, laboratory based experience will give your child an opportunity to: dissect an eyeball, listen to their heart, learn basic first aid, hold a brain, tour an ambulance, learn CPR and many more activities that explore the wonders of the human body at CART Mini-Med School.

Movie Magic FULL
Students will use digital cameras and computer software to learn the skills needed to create a short movie. This class is for students who love movies, enjoy telling stories, love action, and love to be creative.

Optical Illusions FULL
What happens when art and science crash into each other? Illusion confusion…come learn how to create illusions that can be used to astonish your friends and family. In this class, students will learn the basic anatomy and physiology behind some of the most popular illusions. Students will learn how the eyes and the brain work together to perceive the world. By the end of this course, students will have created their own book of illusions to take home with them.

Robotics FULL
Students enrolled in the Summer Academy Robotics program will design, build, program, and achieve with a personally-built robotics platform. This is a hands-on course that will introduce students to programming in both drag-and-drop and code-based environments, and allow them to creatively solve design challenges using robots which they build. Expect to use trial-and-error, design principles, and critical thinking to build the path to success!






FAQ’s and Important Info


What is CART? The Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART) is the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art education reform effort at the secondary level to date. The CART combines rigorous academics with technical, design, process, entrepreneurial, and critical thinking skills.

The 75,000 square foot CART facility, designed as a high performance business atmosphere, is organized around four career clusters. They are Professional Sciences, Engineering, Advanced Communications, and Global Economics. Within each cluster are several career-specific laboratories in which students complete industry-based projects and receive academic credit for advanced English, science, math, and technology.

Eleventh and twelfth grade students from the Clovis and Fresno Unified School Districts are bused to CART where they attend half-day classes in one of the laboratories taught by teams of instructors from both education and business. The partnership between the school districts is a unique opportunity to make systemic change in education and positively influence the future of all students in the San Joaquin Valley , a rapidly expanding economic area for high-tech business and agricultural firms.

CART provides a state-of-the-art research and technology facility where students design and complete projects in collaboration with partners from the local, national, and international business community. Through learning plans, individualized attention, and a coordinated sequence of projects, CART students explore the variety of ways they can achieve their career goals. Working with business partners, teachers, and parents, students design a program of study that qualifies them to pursue the post-secondary path of their choice from entry-level positions to industry certification to university admission. With the knowledge, skills, and support they receive, students leave CART ready to launch their careers.

Where is CART? 2555 Clovis Avenue Clovis, CA 93612

Who can apply for the academy? Incoming grades – 4, 5, 6 and 7

How much space is available? Space is limited

What labs are available? Students can choose from: Builders’ Workshop, Game Design, Mini-Med School, Movie Magic, Optical Illusions, Robotics, CSI Forensics, Cyber Patriot

Academy dates: June 11 – June 15 (Mon. – Fri. 8 – 11:30am)

Registration Cost: Pre-registration received prior to June 4, 2018 $199. Registration received after June 4, 2018 $250

Who/how can I pay? We take checks (Payable to CART) or cash, Debit and Credit cards.

Questions? Call Kelli Parker at 559-248-7400 or kparker@cart.org






Cost: Pre-registration received prior to June 4, 2018 $199. Registration received after June 4, 2018 $250 (Make checks payable to CART)




For additional information:

Kelli Parker at 559-248-7400 or kparker@cart.org

Address: 2555 Clovis Avenue Clovis, CA 93612

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