Do students only take one lab for the whole school year?
Yes, each lab is a year-long program.

CART replaces PE, English and Elective?
We provide English, and elective and possibly a science or social science. We do not provide PE…..but because CUSD requires 4 years of PE, they will waive that requirement for CART students.

Can my student change to a different CART class after the semester has started if they don’t like it?
We only make moves the first three weeks of school.

How many kids are selected each school year between FUSD and CUSD?
We try to make it as equal as possible, but if all the eligible students from one district have been placed and we still have room in some labs and sessions, they the lottery begins to pull any student who is left to fill spots. We usually try for 750 from each district.

What lab would fit better with an education pathway?  Would CART help with the pathway?
Psychology and Human Behavior is the closest. They learn about the human brain and child development among other things.

What is the reference to ROP in some labs?
Some of our labs are sponsored and supported through the Fresno County Regional Occupation program. Essentially it is a CTE program with close ties to Fresno County Office of Education.

Is there a possibility that if we request PM and she gets in, she may be put in the AM session?
It is a slim possibility…the AM session is always impacted and has 200-300 more students attending than the PM.  The best chance would be at the semester. If they are in PM in the fall, there is usually some room to move to AM in the same lab, at the semester.

Is CART graded the same as “regular” school?
We do give letter grades just like regular schools

Is there a class in CART for criminal psychology?
Not exactly….but students do take Forensic Research or Psychology and Human Behavior…those two labs cover some.

What’s the difference between CART engineering lab and Engineering pathway (CTE) at the local HS?
I cannot speak about what other schools do, but the biggest thing here is the integration between subjects. The English they are doing in that lab will be readings and research all around engineering topics; the Physics work will be geared toward the projects students are working on in the lab, and the biggest difference is the collaboration and working in groups with students from 14 different schools.

What is the selection process for CART?
We are a random lottery. Students who apply in the application window are all treated the same and are placed through a lottery process.

If my student gets into the problem and then does not like it, can they drop with no problem?
Usually the answer is yes.  We do drop students during the first three weeks of the school year, but beyond that the home school will usually ask that the student complete the semester before dropping and returning.  After three weeks the student will have missed too much of the work in classes at the home school that they would be placed in upon dropping CART.

Is there an opportunity to tour the school if our child missed the home school’s tour?
Yes, however we are currently impacted with home school tours.  Please reach out to tchandler@cart.org and we’ll try and arrange something

Will only seniors get into CART or will there be a lottery?
Seniors and juniors are processed through the lottery.

Do any of the CART courses count for dual enrollment?
Yes. CART has five courses that are dual enrolled: Psychology and Humans Behavior, Cybersecurity, Web Applications and Game Design are dual enrolled through the State Center Community College District and the Environmental Research class is uni-track with Fresno State.

Do the CART focus/lab classes replace electives?
Yes. All of the lab specific courses are UC a-g college prep electives. These are actually the CTE piece and then most labs have another core class like science, social science in addition to English credits. Students earn 20 credits a semester at CART.

Is the program only for juniors and seniors?
Yes. Only juniors and seniors can attend CART.

Is CART a daily program?
Yes. Classes are Monday through Friday and students attend the same time each day.

Are there busses that transport students to/from CART?
Yes. There are busses that go to/from CART and the home school for each session.

If the core classes are integrated into other classes, will student’s grades reflect his/her UC a-g English, math, science, etc. credit on the transcript?
Yes. Students are enrolled in courses that are listed individually on the transcripts. Each grade is earned with some of the work being integrated and shared between subjects and each has some individual assignments.

I am planning on going to college out of state, does CART stay valid on my application or will it depend on which college I am applying to?
All CART courses are college-prep. Since CART is registered for the UC and CSU system, most colleges will still accept the work as college prep work.

What happens when there is no more space for the student’s first choice?   
The lottery runs and fills labs based on first choices If it fills from the first choice, then the students may be notified they did not get in but they may ask to be placed on the waiting list. This is also, why we ask students to list more than one choice.

If a student stays for two years, do they switch labs?
Most students who return for a second year will take another lab but two labs have a second year program where small cohorts of students are invited back for a second year (Biomedicine and Multimedia labs).

Can 9th and 10th graders attend CART?
CART is for juniors and seniors only. Students can apply to attend CART as a sophomore for the junior year or in their junior year for the senior year.

Will there be priority placements?
Only for students returning to CART for a second year, the current juniors are placed before the lottery runs. They also do not have to re-apply.

The first week of March is when the acceptance letters go out?
Yes, our goal every year is to get the notifications out the first week in March. Each student will receive an e-mail and a letter in the mail confirming or denying his or her acceptance. We encourage any student not accepted through the lottery to consider being placed on a waiting list. Many students on the waiting list eventually get in.

My child is in AP and plays sports. Do all schools have AP classes in the morning?
The students work with their counselors to set up their schedule so that they can take AP classes and attend CART.

Is there a certain amount of spots for AM and PM combined or separate?
CART has capacity for 1600 students between the AM and PM sessions. Typically, the enrollment is higher in the AM session.

How can I learn more about the labs at CART?
Please check out the virtual CART brochure on the CART website www.cart.org. Go to: https://cart.org/cart-promotions/

Can someone do CART and CTE classes at the home school?
Students work with their counselors to see if attending CART and a CTE class at the home school can work.

Will lunch be provided for students when they arrive for the PM session?
CART PM students pick up their lunch at the home school before leaving.

Are the English classes at CART P or HP?
The English classes at CART are HP and receive the augmented GPA in the UC system.

Will CART be visiting 9th/10th grade classes to make presentations?
CART staff did not visit school sites this year but counselors made presentations for 10th grade classes and shared out the virtual resources. As far as 9th grade classes, CART staff do not make presentations in 9th grade classes but we do participate in recruiting events in both districts including Choosing Your Future and School Choice Expo (FUSD) and CTE Night (CUSD).

When are applications due?
Applications for the 2023-24 school year are due no later than 4pm, Friday February 10, 2023.

If want to make a change to the choices on my application how can I do that?
To make a change to an application please e-mail Counselor- Tina Chandler @ tinachandler@cart.org . Please include your full name and student ID along with the changes you want to make.

Do any other classes at CART have the HP GPA weighted designation?
No, only the two English classes have the honors designation.

Is there a fee for attending CART or for use of equipment or supplies?
No, CART is a public high school program and does not charge any fees for attending or for equipment/supplies.

Where is CART located and are there multiple campuses?
CART has one main campus and it is located at 2555 Clovis Ave, off the corner of Clovis Ave/Santa Ave behind the Sierra Vista Mall.

Can my parents/guardians and I visit CART?
Students are provided the opportunity to visit CART with their home schools during the months of December-early February. Home schools arrange these tours through CART. Parents/guardians can contact CART to arrange to visit the campus. Please call 248-7400.

Will I get any type of confirmation that my online application has been received?
Once your online application has been successfully submitted you will receive a confirmation e-mail back to the e-mail address you used for the application. Your home school counselor will also receive an e-mail indicating that you applied.
If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail after you submit your application or you are having trouble completing the application, please contact CART @ 248-7400 or e-mail the counselor at CART- Tina Chandler @ tinachandler@cart.org

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